Early trial 1.23

Questions and comments on the EZBridge Ethernet to Insteon interface

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Early trial 1.23

Postby pauln » Sun Dec 09, 2007 9:52 pm

We are ready for an early release of 1.23.

This release is targeting those issues currently expressed in the forum. Detailed release notes will accompany the official release, but for those interested in getting involved, and seeing if there issue is (or is not) resolved in 1.23 please send me an email at


All we ask is that if you do choose to participate, you understand the following:

1) The release has not gone through all testing yet
2) The documentation is currently being written for this release
3) You tell us about any bugs you encounter - or future improvements.

We think this kind of early release will allow us to respond better to all issues out there, and quicker.

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