Z-Wave Bridge

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Matthew Strebe
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Z-Wave Bridge

Postby Matthew Strebe » Thu Feb 14, 2008 3:36 pm

Have you considered making a Z-Wave bridge + Access point? I'd like to integrate a few Z-Wave devices, but I'm dead set against using a home server application to do it due to the lack of reliability and poor security inherent in most of those applications.

A device that simply mapped Z-wave controllers to Insteon Responders and vice versa would do the job--similar to what you've done with the EZSns Dakota bridge. This would enable the use of the far more sophisticated Z-wave remotes such as the Harmony 890 and provide seamless and serverless bridging between the two most popular new home automation protocols.

A function to act as a phase coupler could be implemented by simply encapsulating Insteon packets into Z-Wave packets and forwarding them to a matching linked Z-Wave adapter. This would obviate the need for Insteon phase couplers.

Personally I think Insteon should just adopt Z-Wave as their RF protocol, but I doubt they'll do it. This would allow end-users to make that choice.

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Postby pauln » Fri Feb 15, 2008 12:08 pm

I can say we have look at Z Wave, Zigbee, and UPB as well.

Just curious, for those who are reading this - what protocols do you use, or would like to use (besides Insteon / X10)?

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RF Protocol

Postby lee.saferite » Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:07 am

I would LOVE to see someone put out an Insteon device that talked the same RF freq and Protocol and the remote controlled ceiling fans in my house. Every one of them (different brands) use controllers from the same Chinese designer/manufacturer. Some use different frequencies, but I think the base protocol is the same for them all. I could replace these controllers with Insteon dimmers (the controllers are TRIAC based), except for the fact that they have the ability to trigger the fan reverse circuit embedded in the fan motor.

So, to recap, an Insteon<->RF Fan Control bridge, PLEASE! :wink:

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