EZServe enhancement

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EZServe enhancement

Postby jsulin » Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:56 pm

It would be great in future versions to be able to schedule via a timer the ability to perform regular restarts on the EZServe. I use this product to control a summer home and since v2.0 the reliability has decreased. v1.6 was very stable but v2.0 seems to hang after a period of time and I loose all connectivity and have to go to the summer home to power cycle the unit to return it to useability. If I could schedule a regular recycle and it would work, it would save me a 3 hr drive. I also have a webcam at the same residence and have reliable service, so I know it is not the broadband service , router or cable modem.

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Re: EZServe enhancement

Postby grif091 » Thu Sep 17, 2009 4:05 pm

Depending on the state of the EZSrve you may be able to access it through the V2 API port 8002. Using the SHN Utility, EZBridge/EZServe Control tab issue the following V2 xml command to test access while things are working .....


This will return and display the current revision number.

If the V2 API is accessible you can issue the following .....


to initiate an EZSrve Restart. This may not work, depends on the nature of the original problem. This does Restart EZSrve on a working unit.

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