New Smart Irrigation Control & Monitoring Kit

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New Smart Irrigation Control & Monitoring Kit

Postby simplehome » Tue Mar 02, 2010 3:15 pm

More Kits/Solutions are coming!!

The first kit to roll out is our Smart Irrigation Control & Monitoring Kit!

The idea behind offering a kit is to give you a complete solution to fulfill a common need.

Nearly every household has an area of their home that needs to be watered, be it a lawn, vegetable garden, flower bed, or...jungle!

In most areas of the world, you have rain fall that naturally waters these areas so there is no need to run your irrigation system when you're getting it from the heavens for free!

What the Smart Irrigation Control & Monitoring Kit gives you is the ability to remotely disable your irrigation system when it rains, so even if you're on vacation and there's an unexpected storm at your can save money by shutting off your irrigation controller from any computer connected to the Internet!

Now, the EZFlora also has the ability to inhibit watering your agricultural needs when an attached rain sensor(sold separately) detects that it has rained...making the process entirely automated.

The EZSrve now has a new Harmony GUI that makes setting up and controlling your whole INSTEON/X10 home automation system as user friendly as possible. Learn more here!

The kit includes the following:

- EZFlora
- EZSrve
- 24VAC Power Supply
- EZBreakout Connector

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