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Postby David » Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:21 pm

Could someone please point me to the doc or tell me the commands and if I use status or config. when setting up a timed action.

I am using a new EZFlora and EZServe and I am talking about the web interface for the EZServe.

The document that I used before is no longer available online. (or at least I cant find it)

Program 1 = [ ]
Program 2 = [ ]

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Re: Commands

Postby grif091 » Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:18 am

I think you are asking about using the HTML interface rather than the Harmony client.

Status 80-87 to turn On valves 1-8 results in 0x40 cmd1 with 0-7 cmd2 values
Status 0-7 to turn Off valves 1-8 results in 0x41 cmd1 with 0-7 cmd2 values
Status 20 turn On Program 1 results in 0x42 cmd1 with 0 cmd2 value
Status 28 turn On Program 2 results in 0x42 cmd1 with 1 cmd2 value
Status 30 turn On Program 3 results in 0x42 cmd1 with 2 cmd2 value
Status 38 turn On Program 4 results in 0x42 cmd1 with 3 cmd2 value

The EZFlora command set is available in the Downloads section under Command Sets - EZFlora

EDIT: added Status values for turning on Programs 1-4

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