Adding SHN devices to the ISY-99i

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Adding SHN devices to the ISY-99i

Postby Justin » Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:28 am

To add a SimpleHomeNet device to your ISY-99i, the easiest way is as follows:

Make sure the SHN device is plugged into power. For best communication, ensure the device is electrically close to the ISY's PLM...unless you've already set up your INSTEON network to have good communication around your home.

From the Administrative Console...

    1) Click on Link Management from the menu bar
    2) Select New INSTEON Device
    3) Enter the INSTEON ID of the SHN device you want to add (Ex. 12.34.56 - in this format)
    4) Give the device a name (Ex. EZIO8SA)
    5) Select the device from the "Device Type" drop down menu
    6) Select whether you want to remove existing links, add devices and remove links, or add devices and keep links to other INSTEON devices.
    7) Click OK

The ISY will begin populating the device information (inputs, outputs, links, etc...)

That's it!

Note: If you need to set up advanced configurations of the SHN device, like input/output timers, enable analog inputs,'ll need to use the SimpleHomeNet Utility Suite and borrow the PLM from your ISY to communicate to your SHN device over the powerline. You'll need the PLM serial cable that should have come with your PLM. If you don't have that cable, contact can purchase one through our store.

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