ZBMPlug15 join problems

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ZBMPlug15 join problems

Postby Developer78 » Thu May 29, 2014 7:50 am

Hi All,

I've got several ZBMPlug15 and have some questions about it:

1. when I plug it into power outlet led always fastly blink, I know it i sign of it search for open net. So, question number #1 is, if I want to reset ZMBPlug15 to default manufacturer state should I press button while plug it into power outlet or plug it into outlet and press button for 2 seconds? Actually I've tried both variants and can't figure out how to determine is it reset to manufacturer settings or not? are there some visual signs of LED states it is in manufacturing settings?

2. I'm developing own device which task is to switch on/off ZBMPlug15. The device is based on CC2530 TI ZigBee chipset and acts like coordinator, profile is HA, I stuck on stage when my coordinator assign short address for ZMBPlug15. So, when I send on/off command to ZMBPlug15 (EndPoint=1, ClusterID=0x0006) nothing happend. Moreover, ZMBPlug15's LED always fastly blink with green, I guess it is not joint to my net (PAN ID = 0x1234). Are there extra action I need to do to for example configure ZMBPlug15 before send commands to its on/off cluster? Are there any requirenments for PAN ID (maybe some specific number?).

Thanks a lot for any reply!

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Re: ZBMPlug15 join problems

Postby Dhawal » Sat Aug 02, 2014 4:19 pm

Hi there,

Don't know if you have been help, but the answer to both your questions can be found in the Quick-Start Guide.
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